Two Observations About the Tragedy of Militarism From a Saturday Morning

Driving to my daughter’s soccer game I listen to a story on NPR about the horrible torture and isolation of Sgt.  Bowe Bergdahl in Afghanistan.  But it wasn’t just the Taliban who did this to him.  We did this.  We sent him there.  When it comes to destroying American soldiers, we are the enemy we fear.

At the game I keep thinking about this bewildered young man, held in a small cage, cut off from human contact, subjected to sensory deprivation.  Driven crazy.  On the street next to the field where my daughter is playing a caravan of army vehicles drives by.

A young boy, three or four, is hanging out with his mom and dad, watching his sister play.  He is wearing camouflage shorts.  His mom points out the caravan to him:  “Look buddy!  Look at the army men!  See?  Isn’t that cool?”

The boy gazes at the military vehicles passing by.  His parents gaze at the screens of their smartphones.