Make Him Do It

Thank God.
Now Romney and McMahon can just go away.  As my oldest sister texted me late last night:  “Now Romney can go back to just being rich.”
But let’s not delude ourselves.  Let’s temper our jubilation with some clear-eyed realism about who Obama is.
Today is a good day to revisit something John Nichols wrote just after the 2008 election:
“Franklin Roosevelt’s example is useful here. After his election in 1932, FDR met with Sidney Hillman and other labor leaders, many of them active Socialists with whom he had worked over the past decade or more. Hillman and his allies arrived with plans they wanted the new President to implement. Roosevelt told them: “I agree with you, I want to do it, now make me do it.”
It is reasonable for progressives to assume that Barack Obama agrees with them on many fundamental issues. He has said as much.
It is equally reasonable for progressives to assume that Barack Obama wants to do the right thing. But it is necessary for progressives to understand that, as with Roosevelt, they will have to make Obama do it.”  
Nichols, by the way, is fabulous.  One of my favorite writers.  It’s worth checking out his many books, several of them co-authored with the media scholar Robert McChesney.